Hugh “Hobby” Barndollar


Hugh “Hobby” Barndollar is a business owner and professional based in Land O Lakes, Florida. However, this statement doesn’t encompass all that Hugh is, as he is also a father of four and an avid sports enthusiast. Hugh was lucky enough to learn about business and trust from his father. This gave Hugh “Hobby” Barndollar a headstart in life, especially in the business world. He learned to dream big and chase after his passions at a young age, turning him into the man he is today.

As a business owner, Hugh “Hobby” Barndollar has had many interesting experiences over the years. He founded PurePath Wealth in early 2014 and still plays a significant role in the company. PurePath Wealth is a financial and retirement planning company. Hugh and PurePath Wealth help clients achieve their retirement goals. They do so by offering a more holistic approach to finances. This may sound counterintuitive, but it is effective and practical. PurePath Wealth provides estate planning, life insurance, probate, long-term care, and many other services. Hugh “Hobby” Barndollar is the company’s CEO, owner, and Investment Advisor. This makes him responsible for handling all compliance issues and the company’s day-to-day operations. However, when dealing with clients, Hugh’s primary concern will always be achieving their goals. Hugh “Hobby” Barndollar always tries to create comprehensive, holistic, and understandable financial plans for his clients. 

Hugh “Hobby” Barndollar has worked hard to provide the best care possible to his clients, all while complying with federal and state regulations. As such, he has several certifications, such as his health, life, and annuity licenses. Hugh “Hobby” Barndollar also passed the Series 7, 63, 24, and 65 securities exams. Rest assured that Hugh has all the knowledge and experience required to care for his clients.

In addition to running PurePath Wealth, Hugh “Hobby” Barndollar is part owner of another company – HotRocks Pizza. HotRocks Pizza was initially founded by two firefighters – Denny and Marvin. They found a love for food (especially pizza) while working as firefighters. This eventually led to them teaming up and establishing their own pizza business. It wasn’t long after that Hugh became a part owner of the business. Hugh “Hobby” Barndollar is always open to new business ventures and ideas, which is why he backed the Philadelphia-style pizza company.

Hugh “Hobby” Barndollar has always been a sports fan. However, it was in college that this love of sports was truly brought to the forefront. Hugh attended Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. Here he earned a double major in Marketing and Management. During this time, Hugh played on the men’s soccer team. He stayed with the team for four years of college; they were some of the best moments of his life. Both his education and his love of sports continued after this point. Hugh “Hobby” Barndollar first attended Georgia State University to earn his MBA in Finance. Likewise, Hugh has found several ways to stay involved in the world of sports. Currently, he’s a baseball coach.

Being a baseball coach takes up much of Hugh “Hobby” Barndollar’s free time. However, it doesn’t take up all his time! This is fortunate since Hugh has several other hobbies, alongside a wife and four children. His children keep him busy, eating up any of the remaining time he has. Hugh is happy to give them every waking moment, as his family is everything to him. 

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